Saturday, November 24, 2012


One of the things i really like to do is to watch a movie. So a few months ago when i was in Ohio, i watched Brave. Well, i originally intended to see the batman movie but since i needed to wait for almost 2 hours before the next showing, i chose Brave.

At first, i thought that i was the only one who will see it since i had been in the theater for 20 minutes before the next batch of people came in. When i said batch, i meant a mother and son tandem.

If you havent seen it, please do so so you'll know the reason why the queen was turned into a bear. Towards the end, being the grown ups that we are, we all know that they'll eventually break the spell. But it was written in a way that you'll think that not all cartoons have a happily ever after ending.

Then i heard sobs! The son actually thought that the queen will stay that way forever. I became teary-eyed as well!

Fast forward My family watched the same film. And towards the end, my 3 year old nephew asked me: "bakit bear pa din yung mommy?". I asnwered: "bad kid kasi sya e". Then i looked at him one more time, he was teary-eyed!

I guess that even at an early age, we all feel the love our mothers give us. And at such an early age, we all know that we love them in return.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hanging out with some friends after a hard day's work (well technically, after 4 hours of hard work haha).

Cherish and I

Sarah and Shay

Well of course, the fun did'nt stop there. We had this continued in a very relaxing place: The restroom! haha

I look forward to another fun night with you guys! Sa friday uli! O:-)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Isa sa mga advices na nabasa ko sa kung papaano ba makalimutan ang isang tao e ibaling daw ang atensyon sa iba.

Sinunod naman nya.

Kaya lang, pano nya sasabihin dun sa nag advice na sya ang bagong apple of the eye nya knowing na imposible na maging sila?

Sino na naman ngayon ang titingnan nya? Ang salimuot di ba?

'naka quota na ko sa heartaches'...panigurado, ito na ang life statement nya.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Double Tree Hotel at Costa Rica

I am now here at Costa Rica for work (unfortunately).
But the company booked us in a very nice hotel (Hotel Double Tree) that has a resort feel. Above is the picture of the hotel entrance/lobby. I was pretty impressed when I arrived since it was not the typical hotel i was expecting. This was taken inside one of the rooms.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

All Alone

i feel a little liberated since this is the first time m going out of the country alone! can do this,i know. Here's a picture of Narita Airport, Japan. Oh my! Di ako mkpag attach! Later we'll see

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Song Draft

I had this written a year ago. The intension is to create a song, unfortunately, I lack in the ‘music’ side. Enjoy!

Di ko maipaliwanag, itong nadarama
Puso’y kumikirot pag kasama mo’y iba
Pano mo malalaman
Sa puso ko’y ikaw lamang
Kung ang tingin mo sa akin
Pang kaibigan lang

Mahal mo sya, mahal ka nya
Sa isa’t isa kayo’y maligaya
Alam kong di ka nya iiwan
Pero ako, di kita sasaktan
Sigaw ng ng puso ko
Pede bang tayo nalang?

Ipaglalaban ko na ba
Pag-ibig na nadarama?
Kaya ko na bang itaya, pagkakaibigan natin
Kaya ko bang mawala ka, sakaling di pareho ang damdamin

Itataya ko na ba
Pag ibig na nadarama?
Di na kayang itago, itong aking damdamin
Pwede bang ako nalang ang iyong mahalin?
Dahil itong puso ko’y para sa yo
Magpakaylanman, nakalaan

Hanggang kailan ko titiisin
Ang sa aki’y ‘di mo pagpansin
Imposible bang talaga
Na mas mahalin mo ko kesa sa kanya?
Sigaw ng puso ko
Sana’y pakinggan mo

At kung sakaling pag-ibig ko’y di tugunin
Hayaan mo lang, ika’y aking mahalin

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Major Boo boo

A few weeks ago, we were at this beautiful party (since the mother of the celebrator got the services of our photobooth).

We were doing test shots with their family when the beautiful mom approached me and started a converstaion.

I interrupted her and said: "Mommy, nag smudge ang make up mo".

"Oh really?" she answered. Then I responded (with an attempt to wipe off the smudge")"Medyo malaki nga e".

"Aaaa. Birth mark ko yan".

So much for building rapport.